Review: 'Birds Of Prey'

Review: ‘Birds Of Prey’

Harley and crew break free.
Review: 'Gretel & Hansel'

Review: ‘Gretel & Hansel’

The fairy tale grows up.
Favorite Films Of 2019

Favorite Films Of 2019

The films that really shook.
Review: '1917'

Review: ‘1917’

Dazzling craft meets emotional urgency.
Review: 'Marriage Story'

Review: ‘Marriage Story’

Unflitered, personal storytelling.
Review: 'Knives Out'

Review: ‘Knives Out’

Top tier storytelling.
Review: 'Waves'

Review: ‘Waves’

Larger than the sum of its parts.
Beyond Fest Review: 'Parasite'

Beyond Fest Review: ‘Parasite’

Bong Joon-ho at his most precise.
Beyond Fest Review: 'Jojo Rabbit'

Beyond Fest Review: ‘Jojo Rabbit’

Taika's finest and most affecting yet!
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Review: 'The Lodge'

Review: ‘The Lodge’

Tension so thick you can feel it.
Interview: Osgood Perkins On 'Gretel & Hansel'

Interview: Osgood Perkins On ‘Gretel & Hansel’

Perkins deconstructs the elegant simplicity of a classic.
Review: 'Bad Boys For Life'

Review: ‘Bad Boys For Life’

Reflects on the past while pushing forward.
Review: 'Underwater'

Review: ‘Underwater’

Not just an Alien clone.
Review: 'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker'

Review: ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’

Well, they did THAT.
Review: 'Uncut Gems'

Review: ‘Uncut Gems’

Like a straight shot of adrenaline.
AFI FEST Review: 'Nobadi'

AFI FEST Review: ‘Nobadi’

Grim and inescapable.
AFI FEST Review: 'Saint Maud'

AFI FEST Review: ‘Saint Maud’

Finds the line between delusion and faith.
Film Review: 'Doctor Sleep'

Film Review: ‘Doctor Sleep’

Joins Kubrick and King with terrifying sincerity.
Review: 'The Lighthouse'

Review: ‘The Lighthouse’

Casts a hypnotic net.
Beyond Fest Review: 'The Vast Of Night'

Beyond Fest Review: ‘The Vast Of Night’

Big ideas, small scale invention.
Beyond Fest Review: 'Color Out Of Space

Beyond Fest Review: ‘Color Out Of Space

Mind-melting cosmic horror done right.