Steel City Secret Cinema recently had a screening of 12 Monkeys, and Zeb Love handled the art duties. 12 Monkeys is such a strange film to visualize, and I think Love took a unique approach to it. Like the film, his art is gritty and layered, revealing new things the more you look at it.

Copies of the poster are on sale now through Steel City Secret Cinema’s store. Visit Zeb Love for more art.

zeb_love_12_monkeys_reg zeb_love_12_monkeys_reg_2 zeb_love_12_monkeys_reg_3Reg / 18″ x 24″ / Screen print / Edition of 75 / Signed, numbered and embossed / $50

zeb_love_12_monkeys_var_1 zeb_love_12_monkeys_var_2VarĀ / 18″ x 24″ / Screen print / Edition of 25 / Signed, numbered and embossed / $75