This Friday, Hero Complex Gallery’s coming out with what has to be one of my favorite shows of the year. Focusing on the hottest of today’s rising stars, each artist has been given the change to pick any theme, exhibiting about 2-15 pieces each. What a brilliant concept! Not only does it afford something for everyone, but also allows each artist to demonstrate the amount of diversity that they’re capable of. The show also promises to feature every type of print out there, from letter presses, giclees and 7′ tall life-size portraits.

Below is a small preview of every artist and their respective themes. Visit Hero Complex Gallery and follow @HeroComplexArt for confirmed artists in attendance. Some are flying out from far away and you’re not gonna wanna miss it! See you there!

Opening Reception: Friday September 20th, 7-10PM (on display until October 5th)
2020 South Robertson Blvd. Studio D
Los Angeles, CA 90034

BIGLEBOWSKI_26x42 AleGiorgini-DIEHARDFrom Ale Giorgini’s ‘Greetings From Los Angeles‘ Series
AndrewKolb_HadesFrom Andrew Kolb’s ‘Mused on Tattoos’ Series
Bruce Yan incredibles_young_gunsFrom Bruce Yan’s ‘Tribute to Animation’ Series
Doctor Finn PrintFrom Florey’s ‘Busted’ Series
JP Valderrama nirvana _young_gunsFrom JP Valderrama’s ‘The 27 Club’ Series
Khoa Ho wolverine _young_gunsFrom Khoa Ho’s ‘Superheroes Past and Present’ Series
Marie Bergeron beetlejuice _young_gunsFrom Marie Bergeron’s ‘Tribute to Tim Burton’ Series
Mark Lone creatures_young_gunsFrom Mark Lone’s ‘Creatures’ Series
Mark Reihill Predator_young_gunsFrom Mark Reihill’s ‘Hunters’ Series
Matt Ferguson mad max _young_gunsFrom Matt Ferguson’s ‘It’s the End of the Word As I Know It (And I Feel Fine)’ Series
Matthew Johnson potter_young_gunsFrom Matthew Johnson’s ‘Tribute to Harry Potter’ Series
Paul Shipper Cloud Atlas_young_gunsFrom Paul Shipper ‘s ‘Alternative Movie Posters’ Series
PrintFrom Peter Gutierrez’s ‘Mechanically Acclaimed’ Series
Phillip Ellering kubrick_young_gunsFrom Phillip Ellering’s ‘Geniuses at Work’ Series
TimAndersonLetterpressFrom Tim Anderson’s ‘Harrison Ford Gun Show’ Series
Tim_Jordan_bettie_young_gunsFrom Tim Jordan’s ‘Bettie’’ Series
Zeb Love_emblems_young_gunsFrom Zeb Love’s ‘Emblems’ Series

Plus, a Lord of the Rings Series from Marko Manev (previews weren’t provided at press time)!