wonder_womanLast night, DC blew open the doors to their upcoming movie slate through prime time television. Lots of information was revealed and discussed, but through it all, I’m pretty sure that Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman stole the show. Let’s take a look.

I think DC Comics is becoming aware of their po-faced Batman V Superman problem, and they’re attempting to win us back with this Suicide Squad trailer. The new clip, which absolutely rips on Guardians of the Galaxy’s tone and shows an about-face for the team of super villains shows that DC wants a movie that can be fun, broad and fully embrace the comic book roots of their characters. Will the final film be like this? I’d love that, but for now all we can do is hope!

The Wonder Woman footage didn’t tell us much about tone or scale, but promised her origin story, with Diana Prince coming to our world in a bid to realize her full potential. Though Wonder Woman is the older character, her story’s been indirectly told recently through Marvel’s Thor – it’ll be interesting to see how director Patty Jenkins keeps her story and mythology fresh, while also proving how important her story is now than ever.