Alan Campbell’s returned with his unique fine art perspective, this time to create some one of a kind film posters. Created for Gauntlet Gallery’s upcoming Where Where Going, We Don’t Need Roads show (celebrating 80’s film art), Campbell has chosen to represent Krzystof Kieslowski’s A Short Film About Killing and A Short Film About Love. Both films are expanded versions of Kieslowski’s Decalogue series and it’s not likely we’ll be seeing to many prints for them.

The first 17 prints will be on sale tomorrow, Nov. 16 at Campbell’s Big Cartel at 8:30am PST/11:30am EST/and 4:30 GMT. The remanding 10 will be available at SF’s Gauntlet Gallery when Where Where Going, We Don’t Need Roads opens on Dec. 8th. Get gallery info here.

18″ x 24″ / 3 colors on Crimson GF Smith Colorplan 275 GSM paper /¬†Edition of 27 /¬†¬£30 ($47)