Alan Campbell’s back with his first 24″ x 36″ print and it’s for Robert Burns’ poem, Tam O’ Shanter. I honestly haven’t read the poem, but love the way the print turned out. Luckily, Alan wrote a few words about Burns’ poem for us.

From Alan: Growing up this was one of the earliest poems I can remember being taught at school, and it’s really tied in with my own sense of Scottishness… The poem tells the narrative of Tam O’ Shanter and his horse Meg, who after a night of drinking head home and come across a party in an abandoned church being held by the devil and coven of witches. Tam, in his drunk state yells out and the party stops, leading to a chase which ends at the bridge keystone over a river that the witches cannot cross.

Needless to say, that all sounds pretty intense, and you can get the print starting tonight, February 28, at 10pm GMT over at Campbell’s Big Cartel. The print is also the first piece of an upcoming solo show which Campbell has planned in Glasgow, June 30th, 2013. Follow his Twitter or website to keep up on the news as it comes.


24″ x 36″ / screenprint on GFSmith Cool Blue 270GSM / Edition of 60 (only 30 available online) / £65 + S/H