French Paper Art Club is dropping a couple of cool new prints this weekend. First up, is Mr. Garcin’s Batman collage. It’s a beautifully detailed piece that shows off the artists mastery over composition, form and color – it’s an eyeful with tons of stuff hiding beneath the surface. Next up, is Alex RossJustice League portrait. Ross is pretty much the godfather of modern day DC as far as I’m concerned – his lifelike realism is unparalleled, and he captures the team here in their brightest, blinding light.

Both of these prints go on sale this weekend, and you can even get free worldwide shipping from Friday, November 25th to Monday, the 28th, with code BlackFriday2016.

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mr-garcin-batmanMr. Garcin / 24″ x 36″ / Giclee / Edition of 150 / 50€

justice_league_alex_rossAlex Ross / 24″ x 36″ / Giclee / Edition of 150 / 50€