It’s my strong belief that Alien 3 just doesn’t get enough love. As an unfinished film, it’s still a testament to director David Fincher’s uncompromisingly dark world view, and a fascinating dissection of Ellen Ripley and her life long attachment to a predator she could never escape from.

This latest print by John Barry Ballaran is a great take on the film, gritty, creepy and with a painterly aesthetic that gives the film an almost grindhouse, grimy presentation. I dig the composition, but I really love the typography, especially how he turned the film’s dog alien into a type treatment.

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john_barry_ballaran_alien_3 john_barry_ballaran_alien_3 2 john_barry_ballaran_alien_3 324″ x 36″ / 5 color screen print / Edition TBD / £48