Alan Parker’s Angel Heart may be one of horror’s most unsung greats. Starring Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro, I don’t remember any film giving my such a strong reaction as this one, it’s a truly evil dance with the devil anchored by unsettling images and a hypnotic tone. Of course¬†Krzysztof Domaradzki¬†has turned in a tribute to the film, and his solution is as elegant and sinister as the prince of darkness himself. Just like the film, the poster gives us an almost mundane scene, but be careful, because the devil is literally in the details.

This is absolutely one of the year’s best, and on sale this Friday, June 23rd from Nautilus Art Prints.

Reg / 24″ x 36″ / 10 color screen print / Edition of 200 / $62

Var / 24″ x 36″ / 10 color screen print / Edition of 87 / $95