ghostbusters_trailer_2This trailer isn’t for me in that I’m already buying a ticket. I love the cast, I love the director, and as someone who regards the original as one of the defining films of my childhood, I’m excited that it can find new life with a new audience. Really, I just want to post this trailer to support the film, because I know there’s a lot of backlash out there, and¬†anything I can do to support the film, I’m going to do.

Yes, there are too many remakes out there, but really, we’ve gotten past the point where it’s time to stop whining about them and either accept them, or shut up. You have the choice as to what you decide to watch but don’t ruin it for the rest of us or for all the newer generation who has yet to experience what you’ve enjoyed for so long.

UPDATE: An international trailer’s just been released and it’s REALLY GOOD. Why didn’t they lead with this one!??