If you’re in NYC, then you’re gonna wanna check out IKON, from artist Nychos. It’s the current solo show from the famous street artist, blending pop sensibility with grotesque, anatomical deconstructions that bring both humanity and a lesser see light to some of our favorite icons. These fictional portraits force us to see beyond the surface, which is perfect for our culture obsessed with outer beauty.

Visit Nychos for updates, Jonathan LeVine Gallery for event info and more art from the exhibit. IKON runs till the 27th of July. via

Nychos_Dissection-of-Batman Nychos_Dissection-of-Darth-Vader Nychos_Translucent-Liberty Nychos_Marshmallow-Meltdown Nychos_Dissection-of-Ozzy Nychos_Arnie-Meltdown Nychos_Dissection-of-Spock Nychos_Dissection-of-Spiderman Nychos_Dissection-of-Hasselhoff-1 Nychos_Dissection-of-Yoda-1 Nychos_Barbie-Meltdown