Infinity War trailer Thanos Josh BrolinI still can’t believe we’ve made it to this moment, but here we are. After months of teasing, the trailer to Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel’s biggest film ever, has a trailer. It’s a bittersweet moment in many ways, as it does mark the beginning to an era’s end, but there are still two-massively packed adventures left before a new generation takes the helm of Marvel’s Universe.

There’s so much to unpack in this trailer, and as someone who saw the Comic-Con D23 footage, there is still A LOT being left out both in terms of plot and scale. At base level though, it’s just incredible to see all of these characters together, how they’ve grown over the years and where this film is going to take them. It’s also worth nothing that the film has a gritty, war vibe to it, with galaxy-trotting leaving globe-trotting in the dust.

May 4th everyone, you know we’re all going to be there.

Infinity War trailer poster