frizzi_titleNight four of Beyond Fest 2015 was three years in the making. “We tried to get Fabio two years ago, and we tried to get him last year,” said festival founder Christian Parkes to a completely sold out crowd. For the first time in his almost 50-year career, legendary composer Fabio Frizzi had finally brought his Frizzi 2 Fucli tour to the United States, blowing away Los Angeles with his iconic music and backed by a lineup of six backing musicians.

After the usual Beyond Fest intro consisting of event organizers hurling free Fulci gear at the crowd, Frizzi and his group took the stage. They kicked things off with a surprise medley of cues from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream (by Charles Bernstein and Marco Beltrami, respectively) as images from both films were projected on to the massive screen behind the group. After dedicating the intro to director Wes Craven, the rest of the evening focused on works from director Lucio Fulci’s collaborations with the composer, as well as some new and original pieces.

Rather than playing individual cues, the group performed suites from various Fulci films. Each segment weaved various themes together into dramatic pieces that lasted several minutes, demonstrating every musician’s talents with great bravura. The diversity of the films made for a well-rounded evening, going from Zombi 2’s Caribbean calypsos to the melodic and somber sounds of jazzy solo piano on Saint Frankenstein, a score Frizzi included due to its overall influence of Fulci. Other selections from the evening included fan favorites Cat in the Brain, City of the Living Dead and The Beyond. 

frizzi_los_angelesMore than just a prog-rock concert, Frizzi and band ensured that their Frizzi 2 Fulci tour would be a celebration of the late director’s body of work. The Egyptian Theater’s giant screen was used to pair images with their respective scores, sans dialogue or sound effects, letting the music really shine. But going beyond that (no pun intended), the intimate snapshots of the late director at the opening of the concert showed that Frizzi’s relationship to Fulci was more than just a professional one. The pair deeply respected each other and it came across in some of the risqué musical choices Fulci went with in his scores (such as the “la-la-la” vocals and marching band militaristic drums for The Beyond).

Taking more than just films into account, Beyond Fest is as much a celebration of music as it is movies. Tonight was a prime examples of this, proving just how important these scores are to our favorite films. Bravo to all involved, especially Maestro Frizzi for finally bringing his music to Los Angeles.

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