This past weekend saw Vice Press bringing a new Dredd print to Manchester Film and Comic Con, but there’s hope if you didn’t make it. Matt Ferguson’s officially licensed Block War is hitting the internet this week.

The print is offered in two striking colorways, with Dredd careening through chaos on his iconic lawmaster, ready to throw down on any who dare oppose him. The composition is off kilter and there are plenty of easter eggs hidden throughout. How could you not love this!?

Visit Vice Press this at 6PM BST, Wednesday, May 25th to get a print.

matt_ferguson_block_war_dreddReg / 18″ x 24″ / 2 color screen print / Edition of 100 / £25 ($36)

matt_ferguson_block_war_dredd_varVar / 18″ x 24″ / 2 color screen print / Edition of 50 / £30 ($43)

From Matt: One of my favourite old school Judge Dredd stories has always been Block Mania, it’s a story that really shows the day to day workings of a street level Judge and that was my jumping off point for this print. I wanted something graphic and exciting so I limited myself to just 2 colours and went from there. It’s always cool to see Dredd on his Lawmaster and I thought why not have him jumping off an overpass to get down to some rioting citizens, as soon as I thought of that element the rest of the print fell in to place pretty quickly.