Yup, Blurppy just went there. In anticipation of Guillermo Del Toro’s insanely huge monsters vs robots epic, Pacific Rim, Blurppy assembled a mammoth-sized collection of artists to give the film the posters it deserves. It’s already a testament to the designs and world of Del Toro’s film that while we haven’t seen it yet, there’s already so many rich ideas to explore. And the Poster Posse, consisting of the internet’s best pop artists, rose to the occasion and definitely went BIG. I couldn’t be more excited for the film, and all of this breathtaking art for it is not making the wait any easier.

Below is a small taste, but since the project was so huge, Blurppy had to split it into 2 parts. View all of part 1 here, and part 2 here. Good job to everyone involved, as well as Blurppy’s brilliant idea to put this all together!

pacific_rim__matt_ferguson1Matt Ferguson

pacific_rim_marie_bergeronMarie Bergeron

pacific_rim_luke_butlandLuke Butland

pacific_rim_doaly1 pacific_rim_doaly2 by Doaly

pacific_rim_paul_ainsworthPaul Ainsworth

PrintPeter Gutierrez

pacific_rim_richard_daviesRichard Davies

pacific_rim_sam_hoSamuel Ho

pacific_rim_erin_gallagherErin Gallagher

pacific_rim_berkay_daglarBerkay Daglar

pacific_rim_paul_shipperPaul Shipper