Last December, Derek van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier proposed an indie, hard sci-fi feature named C (299,792 km/s). The whole idea behind it was to create something completely old fashioned, without any CGI or green screen, while telling a story about the positive nature of scientific progress. Soon after releasing the trailer below, the project was fully funded on Kickstarter, and production is now underway to bring this ambitious project to fruition. It’s a bit reminiscent of Beyond The Black Rainbow (which was amazing as non-narrative art piece), so I’m really excited to see where they go with this. Stay up to date via the film’s official site, and get a small peek below. via

Synopsis:C” follows the story of an idealistic flight officer who hijacks a spaceship during an interplanetary cold war. Testing the limits of her ship and crew, she attempts to leave our solar system in the search for other habitable worlds in the galaxy. However, when a small group of soldiers led by Second Lieutenant Kai provide unexpected resistance, Malleck’s master plan is threatened. A tense, action-driven tale about one woman’s vision for the next logical step in human development: the leap from interplanetary to interstellar colonization.