Matthew Skiff and Strange Kids Club have banded together to pay tribute to 25 years of Captain Planet. This show’s always been a trip to me, and it’s fascinating to see it still around in public consciousness after all these years.

Skiff’s clean, comic book aesthetic is perfect for the crew of environmental do gooders and their villains, showing them off in the best way.

The Power is Yours is available now through the Strange Kids Club Store, printed with recycled materials and with 5% of profits going to the Captain Planet Foundation, a charity which “supports high-quality, hands-on environmental stewardship projects that [help kids] make significant environmental improvements to their schools or communities”.

matthew_skiff_captain_planet_1 matthew_skiff_captain_planet_detail matthew_skiff_captain_planet_signed24″ x 18″ / 4 color screen print / Signed and numbered / Edition of 50 /