It’s raining Avengers on the site today! In all seriousness though, Gallery 1988’s Avengers show finally kicked off last night with an impressive and massive collection of cool art. Among the stellar lineup of artists involved was New Flesh Prints’ N.E. with his amazing I Am Iron Man piece. Thanks to NFP and N.E., we now have a super hi-res version of the art to oogle over, and even a few insights about the piece from N.E.’s himself (down below).

As NFP follower for quite some time now, I’ve got a chance to see their eclectic work get better with each print, and this Iron Man print is one of the best that they’ve ever released. From the monochromatic background to Iron Man’s roughed up exterior, the piece is a great encapsulation of the character’s almost anti-hero persona, and I love N.E.’s decision to focus just on him. Click below to see it huge, and thanks again to New Flesh Prints and N.E. for the inside look – great job guys!

N.E.: “The approach for this poster was very similar to the rest of our past work. I usually think about a feel I want to convey and build a concept from there. I like the idea of illustrating a shot or scene that is not in the film, but could have been if the director had pulled the camera back just a little bit more or shot it from a alternate angle. The main difference with this one is that I have not seen the film or read the script so the only thing I had to go on was the trailer and the look of the previous Marvel films. I have always loved the look of Iron Man and jumped at the chance to make him the main focus of the poster. He could look overly pristine so I decided to go more with a weathered look. Marvel films are far more on the light side so I tried to retain that look but still make him look like he was about to lay waste to some bad guys. Iron Man is a hero but he is also flawed. The illustration needed to convey that to give him the true life and personality of the character (also the fact that he looks pissed just feels right to me).  With the limitations of time and colors (5) I decided to just focus on Iron Man.”

The piece is an 18″ x 24″,  5 color screen print priced at $45 unframed/$100 framed, but if you can’t make it to Gallery 1988 this weekend, New Flesh will have some available for sale sometime after this weekend (keep a lookout!). Obviously, if you are in LA this weekend, don’t forget to stop by the gallery. Additional pics from last night’s opening are over at Collider.