Edit: I orginally thought that the Amelie piece was for Cult Cinema Sunday; it’s only created by CCS artist Domanic Li and sold by CSS. Hull UK’s Cult Cinema Sunday recently screened Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie. While it’s not my favorite film from the duo, it’s still a really solid, artful entry into the pair’s legacy that I really want to revisit now that it’s on blu. Cult Cinema stalwart Domanic Li handled the print, and he did a great job of recreating the film’s simple, impactful themes and striking color. It’s currently on sale at CCS’s Big Cartel in a 16.5″ x 11.7″ digital print for only £6.00.

Next up is the mighty Fear And Loathing, coming this weekend to CCS! Artist’s James Fenwick (top) and Vicky Green (bottom) have undeniably turned in some of the best work for the monthly cult film series and I love the extreme diversity between the two pieces. The film is insane, and having two different takes on it touches on the limitless possibilities that the film holds no matter how many times you dare to brave it. These two prints will be available in the store early next week, in 50, hand signed, digital prints measuring 16.5″ x 11.7″ for only £6.00.

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