With an impressive but heavily underlooked debut album behind them, Savannah Georgia 3-piece Cusses has just started a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming follow up LP. If you aren’t familiar with the band, they’re a hard-hitting assault of catchy choruses, driving rhythms and thundering guitars. It’s a good, almost minimalist approach that gets straight to the point without any distractions, perfect for those of you that just want the riffs.

Incentives for the campaign (besides helping to create good music) include getting autographed copies of the new album before it releases in either digital/CD/vinyl format with stickers and buttons, screen printed posters, picture diaries sent to your mailbox, an awesome shirt from Matheus Lopes, equipment used in the recording and much more.

If you still need some convincing, watch some of the band’s music videos and stream their entire debut album down below. If you’re, ready to take the plunge, head over to the band’s Kickstarter.