Record store day is upon us in just under 60 days! This is the time we get to support our local record stores and get rad exclusives in return. Despite everything though, the releases I’m most excited for are undoubtedly Death Waltz Records’ offerings. In just a short amount of time, the boutique UK recording co. has proved them selves the go-to source for horror soundtracks on vinyl, and they’re only expanding their reach with each release. Here’s what they got coming for  Saturday, April 20.

Yellow_graham_humphreysYellow: Original Music from the short film by Antoni Maiovi —  This 12″ release includes 7 tracks from Ryan Haysom’s short film, and is packaged in artwork from Graham Humphreys. It’ll also come with a 12″ x 12″ art print and is limited to 1000 pcs worldwide on yellow, blood splattered vinyl. A tense mix of dance/disco beats and heavy synth which feels modern yet will still appease those who loved Goblin’s Argento soundtracks. Tracklist: A Holy Drone/ Dolls / Skin / The Kill / Alone / Time Driving / Theme

Next up are four split 7″s, mixing classic horror/sci-fi theme songs. These releases are definitely the showpieces for me and We Buy Your Kids‘ distinct packaging flair makes them a must. I almost feel as if the theme song is a lost art nowadays with the saturation of throwaway television and generic synth scores. These releases perfectly pair 6 themes together from 6 stellar shows, all of which will sound amazing on vinyl. Each release will also come with a free 7″ x 7″ art print of each WBYK cover.

star-trek-lost-in-space_we_buy_your_kidsStar Trek / Lost in Space — Edition of 1000 on black and glitter vinyl

Twilight-zone-outer-limits_we_buy_your_kidsThe Twilight Zone / The Outer Limits — Edition of 1000 on clear and black vinyl

alfred-hitchcock-munsters_we_buy_your_kidsAlfred Hitchcock Presents / The Munsters — Edition of 1000 on white and black vinyl

jeremy_wheeler_horro_businessLastly we’ve got Steve Moore’s soundtrack from the 2005 film Horror Business  Some of you may remember Moore’s eletro band Zombi, which created epic synth tapestries influenced by the likes of John Carpenter, and with this release he’s apparently gone “full italian”, delivering what Death Waltz describes as a score which could easily fit into a film by Fulci or Argento. The entire thing is limited to 1000 pcs worldwide on Black & Red split vinyl. Jeremy Wheeler’s 12″ x 12″ art print rounds out the release. Tracklist: Intro / Theme From Horror Business / Dreamers / Drive-In / Desert Night / In The Car / Violence / Zombie Honeymoon / Zombie Honeymoon 2 / Theme From Horror Business (Reprise) / Convention-End Credits

Head over to Death Waltz Records for more excellent releases. Which ones are you most excited for!?