Perhaps the best and most under appreciated Halloween film of all time is Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘R Treat anthology. The film was unceremoniously dumped straight to video a few back, but is luckily gaining a larger fan base each year. This Halloween, we can celebrate another part of the film’s greatness, the soundtrack by composer Douglas Pipes. Waxwork Records is releasing the score in a variety of deluxe packages featuring art by Francesco Francavilla and a few incredible vinyl variants. Needless to say, if you haven’t yet, make this year the one that you discover how incredible this film is.

The soundtrack includes a bonus Sound-FX Album, inserted 11″ x 22″ poster and liner notes from director Michael Dougherty and Douglas Pipes. Pre-orders start Tuesday 10/14 at the Waxwork Online Shop. Visit Waxwork Records for more details.

francesco_francavilla_trick_r_treat_waxwork_vinyl trick_r_treat_waxwork_vinyl_candy-corn-splatter180 gram Candy Corn Splatter variant

trick_r_treat_waxwork_vinyl-swirl180 gram Black and Orange Swirl variant

trick_r_treat_waxwork_vinyl_picture-discsPicture Disc variant (180 gram Orange variant also available – not pictured)

Track List:

Side A:
Spooky Guidelines
It’s Halloween, Not Hanukkah / Main Title
Meet Charlie
Charlie Bites It
Father and Son
Meet Rhonda
To The Quarry

Side B:
The Halloween Schoolbus Massacre
The Elevator / Laurie On The Prowl
Halloween Prank
Not A Trick / Red and Black
Laurie’s First Time

Side C:
Old Mr. Kreeg
Pumpkin Shooter / Meet Sam
The Bus Driver
The Neighborhood
Trick ‘r Treat
End Credits

Side D:
Always Check Your Candy
Wilkins’ Backyard
Rock Quarry
Sheep’s Meadow
Old Mr. Kreeg’s House