Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is mostly synonymous with Blade Runner, but it is important to remember that the original story still has a life of its own. Alan Campbell’s new piece is a reflection of the inspiring novel, one that mines some of its more understated elements for a unique print. Needless to say, Campbell’s art strays from the bright pop aesthetic we’ve grown to associate with the film, instantly making the art that much more special.

Available now from Alan Campbell Art.

Alan Campbell Blade Runner Alan Campbell Blade Runner photo18″ x 24″ / 3 color screen print / Edition of 50 / Signed and numbered / $52

From Campbell: Do Androids Dream of Electric sheep? is the starting point of the film we all love, written by Phillip K Dick, published in 1968, the film is pretty faithful to the novel, with a few differences, the biggest of those to me was the use of Animals, in novel the full story is pushed along by Deckard wanting a proper animal, the ultimate status symbol after the nuclear war that has killed most of them, he riles through a catalogue from a pet store, phoning the pet store and keeping count of what he can afford if he kills all the replicants and gets the associated bounty’s. I focused the main part of my print on this; the ostrich, being one of the desired animals, while the spider is related how the replicates treat animals near the end of the novel, without empathy.