If Gravity isn’t on your most anticipated list by now, then who the heck are you? It’s director Alfonso Cuaron’s follow-up to Children of Men and looks to be one of this year’s most taut and technically ambitious films. Focusing on 2 astronauts’ attempts to return to earth after an accident leaves them drifting alone in orbit, the film is said to have an uninterrupted, 17-minute opening shot and real-time pacing. I really think that Sandra Bullock’s going to blow people away with her role as well. I was pretty impressed by her comedic timing in The Heat and thought that it proved she could do anything, she just hasn’t quite had the chance yet.

This alternative poster by Doaly certainly does a beautiful job of selling the film’s tension and scope, juxtaposing the beauty of infinite space with the terror of getting lost in it. It’s a clever balance of two dissimilar elements and shows off a beautiful composition that borders on minimalism with the help of some sleek graphics.

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