You might remember me posting older pieces from this ongoing Fabian Ciraolo portrait series a while back, but since it’s still going strong, here’s a short update/introduction to those that dig it. While you can easily chalk these portraits up to the equivalent of hipster ephemera, I personally think they’re great and have much more meaning than that. For starters,¬†they reflect both on the times we live in now, while also taking a look back at how celebrity culture and the pop world have changed dramatically — all whilst still managing to be irreverent fun. The entire thing is a clever way to look at both the past, present and future simultaneously, plus I really want to believe that there is an universe out there where a Julie Andrews like the one below really exists. Oh yeah, and his illustration style is amazing!

Currently, there’s a collaboration with Foster to turn this into an upcoming clothing line, plus there are a few exhibits going on as well. Visit Ciraolo’s website for all the details and more work.

Mr.Hitchcock Fab CiraoloJulie-Andrews Edward-Scissorhands-fab-cir Come and play with us Chaplin-Fab-Ciraolo BeetlejuiceMore-human-than-Humans-fab-