You’ll have to forgive me if I start running a lot of Evil Dead art because I just love the franchise and can’t wait for the reboot. This piece comes from one of my faves, Midnight Marauder, so it’s a no brainer that I share it here. MM consistently puts out some of the coolest looking stuff, and this piece continues in that tradition. Created for Fede Alvarez’s reboot, I’m getting a bit of Cuban-influence by way of the minimal composition and type treatments (though that could be just me, ha), still, it’s a nice, ambiguous look at what’s promising to be a relentless film that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. Another one, knocked outta the park by MM.

From MM: Sam Raimi’s Original Evil Dead Trilogy is the mecca of classic Do it yourself Indie Horror filmmaking. As a Youngster It took me awhile to actually see them, I was way to scared to even attempt to watch the first. When i finally got around to seeing Evil Dead, I loved every frame that was produced! Now with the New Retelling of this horror Masterpiece, I was compelled to work on a poster. 

So here it is …. my Evil Dead Poster. 

With a giant river of blood! 

After all the film is about blood, demons and pure and utter Evil! 

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