Warning: There be spoilers here! In his new series, aptly titled Spoiler Alert, artist Jon Smith’s decided to create a few prints based on some of television’s most shocking twists and turns. The results are gleefully irreverent, with a sick sense of humor and something that’ll either piss you off or make you smile. I love the the idea that something can cause such opposite reactions, and had the chance to hit Jon up about the genesis of the project, including some of his television habits – scroll below to view the pieces, drop info and specs.

jon_smith_spoiler_alert_coop jon_smith_spoiler_alert_game_thrones_ned jon_smith_spoiler_alert_gus_breaking_bad jon_smith_spoiler_alert_scooby_doo_twin_peaksAll prints / 12″ x 16″ / Fine art giclee / Signed and numbered / Editions of 100 each / $30 each or $100 for all four

1. So I love the idea of this series. What made you want to focus solely
on some of televisions biggest shockers?

I think the idea actually came from my Fire Walk With Me print. My intent was just to show the good/bad. beginning/end, two faces of Leland Palmer but it is a bit of a spoiler. I hadn’t really thought of it that way until I was told this story about somebody seeing it who was in the middle of watching the series and it ruined it for them…I thought it was funny, I think that was the seed for Spoiler Alert.

2. Looking at the shows you’ve picked, it seems you have to be pretty on top of what’s hot. What are some shows you’ve wanted to get into but haven’t had the chance yet?

I dunno I’ve heard Top Of The Lake is good, I’m looking for new shows to jump into. I should track down the rest of WKRP, I went through the first season on Hulu a while back. You gotta pay after season 1 :(

I recently devoured Sherlock in like two days, I’m an anglophile so I loved it. But that’s not to say I just watch anything BBC, not interested in Dr. Who and.. I’m afraid i might like Downton Abbey too much. Luther is great.

I’m watching the Knick, so far so good but the blood and guts is tough to maneuver through..I just avert my gaze.

3. What show has jolted you the most in terms of shocking twists and turns? What show do you think is best at it?

It’s gotta be Breaking Bad. Hands down. Oh and Halt And Catch Fire I like!

4. Is Spoiler Alert going to be an ongoing series? Can we expect more?

I’ve definitely got more ideas, we shall see. The Twin Peaks “Scooby Doo Ending” print was kind of an afterthought. It almost wasn’t included because I had already finished the Coop print so having two Twin Peaks prints IS redundant but it’s funny and it’s a complete departure stylewise from the other three in the series.

5. Has anyone ever spoiled anything for you? 

I’ll never see The Sixth Sense because it was spoiled for me a few weeks after it came out back in high school. I didn’t see The Usual Suspects in time to not have that spoiled for me but I’ve seen it on cable here and there over the years, it has Stephen Baldwin in it so I’m not missing out on much.

Everything goes on sale from Nakatomi tomorrow, Tuesday August 26th around 2PM CST. Visit Smithbellcraft.com, @Jon_Smith or @NakatomiTim for updates!