Matt Ferguson and Marko Manev’s joint exhibition Influences is just about here, and to wet our whistles, Matt and Bottleneck have allowed us to debut this fantastic Flash Gordon poster! I’m really loving all the stuff I’m seeing from this show, not just because both of these artists are 2 of the best guys currently out there, but because of the wildly diverse properties they’re each paying tribute to. I feel like we’re really getting to know these guys through some really personal art and it’s pretty exciting.

Influences opens at Bottleneck Gallery this Friday, February 28th, from 7pm-10pm. Check out the flyer below for all the info!

influences_bottleneck_flyerflash_gordon_matt_fergusonninja_turtles_matt_fergusonBelow are some pieces from Marko Manev, debuted by Blurppy and Cult Collective.

predator_marko_manev total-recall_marko_manev