Well gaming fans, here we are with Matt Ferguson’s first foray into video game art! First up is a piece for the newly anticipated Halo 4, which sees the return of the beloved Master Chief.

Like the game itself, which is said to have more of a focus on mystery and storytelling (thanks to a new developer), Ferguson continues to tweak and mold his signature style by adding new elements to brilliant effect. The composition is amongst his most mysterious and atmospheric yet, and I love the much more vertical format, which makes the entire thing feel really big. Even the way he’s handled the “tech elements”, with just the right amount of glitch and dynamics (especially in the type treatment) give the cold, electronic aspects an organic feel that mimics a perfect type of symbiosis. It’s fitting, as I’ve heard that this new installment is centered around a strong character study between man and machine, and it’s that same relationship between disparate elements that Matt’s managed to capture so well. Who’s excited for this game!!!!???

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