jessica_jones_trailer_1So the ad campaign for Netflix and Marvel’s Jessica Jones has been great. First we got a set of teasers that took us through the troubled heroine’s day, and now, this full trailer shows her taking care of business.

Krysten Ritter’s casting looks like it’s flawless – she’s got a way at delivering those lines with a self-aware sense of cynicism and fragility. But! She can also sell the character’s unwitting heroism and physicality with ease.

In addition, this feels like the best kind of departure from Daredevil, it’s somewhat darker but still fun instead of ho-hum glum. Hopeful all of the pacing issues that plagued the flagship series have been fixed, and we’ll have a lot to celebrate on November 20th, when all the episodes drop.

P.S. How creepy is David Tennant in this?