David Ayer’s Fury is a totally underrated film. It’s an unflinching, brutal exploration of war that really sticks with us in a way few films can. Finally giving the film its due, New Flesh Prints has just released a brand new print for the film, which comes with an appropriate amount of grit and raw detail. I love the juxtaposition of the tank and the horse, which is a subtle call out to the horrors of war.

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New Flesh Prints Fury poster New Flesh Prints Fury poster detail 1 New Flesh Prints Fury poster Brad Pitt detail New Flesh Prints Fury poster detail 224″ x 18″ / Screen print / Edition of 45 / $30

From New Flesh: Tomorrow I am releasing a print for a movie I am not sure how many people have seen. FURY is a fantastic WWII movie about an American tank crew in 1945 Germany. It is intense, harrowing and beautiful in my option. If you have not see it give it a watch.

With this print I took a slightly different approach with the art. It has kind of a lobby card vibe and wanted to give it a classic color scheme. It has been a least four years since I have printed with split fountain layers and there is no time like the present. With this poster I tried to invoke the themes of the movie with a single melancholy image.