star_trek_beyond_trailer_2With Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary this year, Paramount needed to show that Star Trek Beyond is here for the fans, and boy did they deliver at a fan event last night. Producer J.J. Abrams announced that Paramount would be dropping a lawsuit aimed at fan film Axanar, new posters were unveiled, and finally, a really great trailer was showcased, which was an about face to the previous, loud, action-oriented teaser attached to The Force Awakens.

I could easily parse the ideas in the original trailer that already set it apart from Abrams’ rehashing, but this trailer solidifies it – this is the most old school Trek of the new films. It’s all about getting the crew to an undiscovered planet to forge peace and survive when a new, alien threat arises. The film resembles the plot of any old episode, and even the visuals seem like a beefed-up version of the original series’ colorful vibrancy.

Anyhoo, enough rambling, check out the trailer below – the film drops July 22.

star_trek_beyond_poster_2 star_trek_beyond_poster