Austin’s Guzu Gallery has just announced their latest show, Children of the 80s! As the title reveals, the show is a tribute to the 80s, specifically the toys and cartoons that may just be the wildest and most iconic ever created since the infamous decade of excess. Judging by the wealth of subject matter to choose from, I’d say this show’s going to surprise us with the amount of diversity and wacky nostalgia involved. It’ll be cool to see everyone’s unique spin the colorful toys and shows that a lot of us grew up on.

In addition, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be participating with a piece of my own, so stay tuned for previews and plenty of other good stuff. Visit Guzu Gallery for the full press release and Facebook for the official Event Page!

Children of the 80s opens Friday, August 1st, with a live performance from Who Ha, free beer and some vintage toys from Outlaw Moon Games & Toys – bad 80s attire is encouraged!