visage 4Like many of you, I was extremely saddened when Konami parted ways with Hideo Kojima, effectively killing his Silent Hills collaboration with Guillermo del Toro. Before that however, the pair released a slew of trailers and a “playable trailer” called P.T.  It was a horrifying experience, with first-person gameplay based on repetition and exploration.

Now, a company called SadSquare is taking that basis and forming it into a full-length game called Visage. Taking the mechanics behind the aforementioned demo, the studio has created a story in which you explore the layers of a house, with randomly generated events which turn a murder mystery into a labyrinthian tale of psychological horror.

The game is close to hitting its necessary funding goals, and to see if you’re interested in it, you can check out a 10+ min trailer. Looks pretty good to me, especially since we need more horror games!

Visit the Visage Kickstarter to contribute.

visage 2