flame_gloveNow that Irrational Games, the company that brought us Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite have disbanded, projects from the team are surfacing all over the net. First up is The Black Glove. In true form, the game is an eerie first person experience that takes place in a retro 1920’s alt future where the rules of physics don’t apply. Here, the world is full of dream logic, holes in space and requires an inventive use of time travel to help a group of artists shape and form their art in the present. It admittedly sounds pretty out there, but also exciting, carrying over Bioshock’s iconic aesthetic into something new.

Visit The Black Glove to contribute. You can get a download of the game on PC/Mac/Linux for as low as $20, with crazier incentives the more you give.

The next project comes from The Molasses Flood, and is called The Flame in the Flood, featuring creators from Bioshock, Halo, Guitar Hero and more. Their project attempts to forge a new path, offering a river journey that relies on foraging, craft and evasion in order to survive. From the looks of it, we can expect more of the exploratory narrative we enjoyed in Rapture and Columbia replete with adventure and beautiful visuals.

This project has already surpassed its financial goals, allowing the game a few more features and language options. It’s also pretty close to getting a PS4 release as another stretch goal. Visit The Flame in the Flood to contribute as low as $20 for a digital Mac/PC download of the game.