lullaby_bts_1With just 11 days left, a film adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby has reached its Kickstarter goal. Those familiar with the book know about the novel’s deeply personal roots and its attachment to a tragedy that actually occurred in Palahniuk’s life. Now, the searing mix of¬†twisted prose is becoming a film – and you can help!

The film is being directed by Andy Mingo, and Palahniuk himself has co-written the screenplay and acts as an executive producer. Together, they’re going to make sure the novel isn’t watered down so that it maintains the biting satire that Palahniuk is known for.

Incentives range from personalized library cards, art prints, shirts, a screening, producer credits and more. View the campaign video down below, and visit the official Kickstarter to get involved.