Nathan Drake’s swan song, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, is out now, and to celebrate, iam8bit has released Henry Jackman’s score on vinyl. The art was handled by artist Ashley Wood, who’s done a knock out job of bringing Drake’s textured hyper-reality to life, so this one’s a no-brainer if you love the music. The score is a bit more muted than past installments, but it’s also fuller and more textured as well.

Visit iam8bit (who also has a boxed set of Greg Edmonson’s previous Uncharted scores) to purchase.

Uncharted-4-Vinyl-vinyl_avery_variant Uncharted-4-Vinyl-vinyl_avery_var_detail2xLP / 180 gram vinyl / Avery coin variant

Uncharted-4-Vinyl-vinyl_avery_reg2xLP / 180 gram vinyl / Aside – Bside edition

1. A Thief’s End
2. A Normal Life
3. Lure of Adventure
4. Cut to the Chase
5. Reunited
6. Once a Thief…
7. The Grave of Henry Avery

1. Those Who Prove Worthy
2. The Twelve Towers
3. Hidden in Plain Sight
4. At Sea
5. Marooned

1. Meet Me in Paradise
2. The Thieves of Libertalia
3. Sic Parvis Magna
4. The Brothers Drake
5. Race to Libertalia
6. For Better or Worse
7. New Devon

1. No Escape
2. Avery’s Descent
3. Brother’s Keeper
4. One Last Time
5. Epilogue