Taika Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople is an absolute gem, and I’m glad that as time passes, more people are getting to see it. This poster, from George Bletsis, is really fun, because it captures the innocence and awe of the film. The composition is a single image, but it manages to include every plot point and memorable scene in one fell swoop, and in a really playful¬†way.

Director Taika Waititi has given the piece his endorsement as well: I love this poster. It reminds me of the kind of thing I would make as a kid, obsessing over every detail I remembered from movies I loved. I’m particularly pleased to see the minister is in there too!

Snag this from Black Dragon Press this Friday, March 31st at 3PM UK time.

24″ x 36″ / Screen print / Hand numbered with gallery stamp on back / Edition of 300