There’s no arguing how important Jon Stewart’s run on The Daily Show was. At a time when Facebook news feeds tell the truth and fake bandwagon activism is all the rage, Stewart’s news broadcast was one of the only sane voices in an insane world.

To celebrate his run, artist Tracie Ching has created a commemorative art piece that is beautiful and appropriate. There are no plans to print this as of yet, but if you like what you see, please check out her website and follow @tracieching for any updates and more art.

TChing-DailyShow-InJonWeTrust-WEB TChing-DailyShow-InJonWeTrust-WEBdetail5 TChing-DailyShow-InJonWeTrust-WEBdetail3

From Tracie: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the only news broadcast that has allowed me to listen in hope, rather than despair, at the state of the world. For this reason I wanted to commemorate Mr. Stewart’s 16 years of dedication to truth, and laughter. I wish him all the best on his well-earned time away from the show. He will be greatly missed.