I don’t even know where to begin with these – I haven’t quite seen anything else like them, and every single piece is just as mesmerizing as the last. Let’s take a second to take in what you’re looking at – these are immensely detailed, handcut works by Korean artist Yoo Hyun.

Taking pop figures and objects, Hyun painstakingly creates these vivid portraits which are then mixed with splashes of paint. The results are works of art in which the process and final product are just as interesting as each other. With the amount of time he must spend on these,

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yoo_hyun_MJ yoo_hyun_JT yoo_hyun_1 yoo_hyun_2 yoo_hyun_dali yoo_hyun_frida yoo_hyun_hepburn yoo_hyun_detail_2 yoo_hyun_detail_3 yoo_hyun_detail_4