Every year, the British Academy Film Awards goes all out with their programs, commissioning some of the most beautiful film art that we see all year. This year is no different (why should it be?) and to continue in their tradition, they’ve chosen illustrator Jonathan Burton to do the honors. His work as not as edgy’s as last years, but given this year’s films, he’s taken the absolute right approach, focusing not necessarily on the characters, but the beautiful and sophisticated worlds that in which they inhabited and made a difference in.

Check out Burton’s BAFTA covers below, and visit his website to see more. Prints are also available at Handsome Frankvia


BA0034_Film_13_Covers_For_PR.inddLes Miserables

BA0034_Film_13_Covers_For_PR.inddLife of Pi


jonathan_burton_ZERO-DARK-THIRTY_1024x1024Zero Dark Thirty

Layout 1Layout 1Ticket Packaging

See last year’s covers, by Eda Akaltun.