Florey_Dead_Decks_Dynasty_boxPlaying cards are pretty ubiquitous, they get the job done and no one really cares about what they look like. If they’re created by Florey however, you can guarantee that each card is as beautiful as the last, and you’ll want to spend as much time pouring over the details in Florey’s illustrations, as you will actually using the deck.

His first custom deck is called Dynasty, and is the proposed first in a series of decks. Dynasty explores themes of life and death as seen through royalty, spinning mythic stories of betrayal throughout each character and featuring metallic gold ink to give everything a more regal feel – it also also enhances his unmistakable aesthetic.

As a long time fan of Florey, I’m really excited about this project – it really showcases his talent and gives him a witty way to stretch his creative muscle.

A deck will cost you little more than $13 USD, and there are plenty of cool incentives if you want more, like enamel pins, coins, custom sketches and more. Visit the Dead Decks Kickstarter right now to contribute!

Florey_Dead_Decks_Dynasty_5 Florey_Dead_Decks_Dynasty_4 Florey_Dead_Decks_Dynasty_3 Florey_Dead_Decks_Dynasty_2 Florey_Dead_Decks_Dynasty_1dead_deck_florey_incentive