Earlier this year, directing duo Seth Ickerman produced a music video for Carpenter Brut called Turbo Killer. The video is a totally insane trip through retro sci-fi visuals and low-budget ingenuity. Leaving fans clamoring for more, the duo have now resorted to Kickstarter, in the effort to create a sequel called Blood Machines, a short 30 minute film expanding on the universe of Turbo Killer.

If the previous video is any indication, this could be a really wild film that we can’t miss. As of now, the project has already passed its Kickstarter goal, but with more contributions, the short could become a full length experience – Kung Fury’s director David Sandberg even joined in on the collaboration.

Like any crowd-funded endeavor, there are tons of incentives and generous rewards – check out the official pledge video down below, as well as the original music video and synopsis. Most importantly, hit up Kickstarter to become a part of this!

Synopsis: A live action space opera by SETH ICKERMAN & CARPENTER BRUT. A female ghost challenges two space hunters into a galactic chase…