here_alone_stillI’ve been lucky enough to contribute to and find some great films through Kickstarter, and Here Alone looks like the next winner. It’s the directorial debut of Rod Blackhurst, and he likens it to Let the Right One In, The Rover and Blue Ruin, all excellent films that get me excited about what he’s got to say. Promising to mix survival horror through an intimate lens, the film just needs a little push to complete photography and production costs.

There are tons of accessible incentives available. A digital copy and soundtrack are just $35, a cool survival kit featuring matches, sewing kit, a urine bucket and shit (for masking your scent) is $65, and scripts, lunch with the filmmakers, posters and even a silicon block of stomach flesh go for a bit more.

Visit the Here Alone Kickstarter to get involved, and director Rod Blackhurst’s indie filmmaking tips from No Film School. Deadline to contribute is November 14th!

here_alone_poster_1 here_alone_poster_2