Just when you thought you didn’t want to see another print for Night of the Living Dead, Kilian Eng and Grey Matter art drop this irresistible piece. I never thought I’d see a horror poster from Eng, but he’s done it, capturing the atmosphere and hopelessness of the film in a way that few, if any, have ever done before. I don’t want to say much more than this other than it’s perfect, a great progression of what Eng is capable of and the fitting tribute that the film deserves.

NOTLD goes on sale next Tuesday, July 15th. Visit @GreyMatterArt for the exact time and release, and Grey Matter Art for full details.

Kilian_Eng_night_living_dead_regReg / 36″ x 24″ / 7 color screen print / Edition of 250 / $50

Kilian_Eng_night_living_dead_varVar / 36″ x 24″ / 6 color screen print / Edition of 150 / $65

Also available: Wood edition / Details TBD, Edition of 50