So Yun Um Liquor Store Dreams

Some of you may recognize So Yun Um as one of my best friends, and she’s been one of the hardest working people in Los Angeles’ film scene for some time now. After debuting her short film, Liquor Store Babies, at various film fests last year, she’s returning to the personal project and expanding it to feature length.

As a full-length doc, the new film will be called Liquor Store Dreams, and will greatly expand on the Korean American ideas that carried her short film. Of course, now, So needs the help of some backers to make the jump to feature length, and I’m really hoping that we can make this happen.

Liquor Store Dreams was such an emotional experience for me, chronicling not only So’s own childhood and relationship with her father, but that of one of her friends, Danny Park. The film added a lot of personal context to the Korean American experience in Los Angeles, and her voice and story is something that needs to be heard.

Head over to Kickstarter to help fund Liquor Store Dreams, and for a small indication of what’s to come, stream So’s film, Liquor Store Babies down below, in its entirety.

LIQUOR STORE DREAMS is about a group of second-generation Korean Americans looking to claim their own legacy in bustling Los Angeles. As they forge new paths, they’re forced to face the history and stereotypes that plagued their parents, each of whom owned liquor stores in Los Angeles.

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