LAAPFFIt’s no secret that we have a very long way to go in terms of Asian representation in Hollywood. The good news is, there’s plenty of Asian art and culture out there if you know where to look – case in point, the LA Asian Pacific Film Fest, which starts this weekend, April 21-28.

The fest will focus on films and stories created by Asians, with panels, premieres and more, highlighting just how diverse and eclectic our city and talent can be. George Takei will be on hand for opening remarks, with fest centerpieces in the way of fish-out-of-water drama The Tiger Hunter (featuring Community’s Danny Pudi), Asian rap doc Bad Rap (fresh from Tribeca Film Fest), art doc Tyrus or even the VR experience Walking with Grace, which puts you in the perspective of a blind woman in Little Tokyo.

Tickets are on sale now through LAAPFF website now, so don’t miss out!