With Geek-Art’s Dead Space art show about to end, the crew is already gearing up for their next exhibit, Manga!, a tribute to 80’s and 90’s manga and anime. Much is still to be announced, but we do know that it’ll be taking place in Brussels during the Made in Asia Convention on the 8th, 9th, 10th of March, 2013. The artwork will be exclusively available fro pre-order there and they’re promising many more surprises in the next week.

The first piece I’ve seen for the exhibit is Matt Ferguson’s Akira, which features the story’s troubled antagonist, Tetsuo, ready for war. The piece again mixes Matt’s seamless blend of hand drawn art and digital exploration, with a composition that shows us of the tragic isolation that drives Tetsuo to murderous results. I love the nuance here, from the subtle textures in the muted sky to the depth in the clouds, which all result in a piece that cleverly speaks volumes through restraint.

See the piece below and make sure to read Matt’s remarks about Akira below. Also stay tuned to Geek-Art for more updates on Manga!.

AkiraFINFrom Matt: The art show was simply titled Manga! and I was given free reign to create whatever I wanted. Akira is my favourite Manga and one of my favourite films as well, so it was an easy choice. My first thought was to paint Tokyo being exploded by Akira but that has been done to death. So then I landed on doing something with Tetsuo and I thought it would be cool to show his powers. The print also harks back to my work on Chronicle which was intentional as Chronicle has similar thematic elements to Akira. To actually make the picture I sketched out the composition and then looked at some reference from the DVD of Akira and painted it with my Wacom.