So the cat’s outta the bag then! Straight from, Matt Ferguson’s original series Trek posters are now officially licensed and ready to order now at Bye Bye Robot! I could go on for hours about how it was an honor to share these posters with you guys, but I won’t hold you back any longer. Most of you have already seen me gush about them tons of times anyways, and now we can all put them on our walls! Congrats to Matt, who worked his butt off on these things! He deserves all the recognition he can get for making this Trekkie VERY happy!

Whatta ya waiting for! Head over to Bye Bye Robot right now!

motionpicture_print_small wrathofkhan_print_small searchforspock_print_small voyagehome_print_small finalfrontier_print_small undiscoveredcountry_print_small

All posters: 12″ x 24″ / Lithograph on 100lb high quality paper / Available for $125 (set) or $25 (individually)

Don’t forget to come back this Friday, August 30, when we’ll take a look at the Enterprise-E’s swan song Star Trek: Nemesis! Matt will be back with one final Trek film poster!