tracie_ching_anderson_scounts_merit_badgesTracie Ching is doing something a little different for this year’s upcoming Bad Dads celebration at Spoke Art. Rather than just settle for some prints, she’s created a whopping twenty-five merit badges coinciding with Wes Anderson’s films, including 4 sets of 6 badges, which will all be custom embroidered. For Anderson’s fans, these are a no-brainer, and as you can see from the designs below, bring us that much closer into Anderson’s colorful world.

She’s turned to Kickstarter to fund the project, and for now, two of the sets, based on The Life Aquatic and The Grand Budapest Hotel are available through the campaign.

Visit Kickstarter for a full list of incentives ($6 will get you a badge, $30 a full set), stretch goals and more! You can get involved until Friday, September 2nd.

tracie_ching_life_aquatic_merit_badges tracie_ching_grand_budapest_merit_badges tracie_ching_life_aquatic_merit_badges_more